August 25, 2018

Fresh 48 | Noah Ryan

Two years ago when we moved to Arizona, we didn’t know anyone and I was starting a brand new job teaching art in Scottsdale. It’s always hard being the new person in a building, but I quickly found out how lucky I was to be at Pinnacle Peak. Alyssa was in the district but got moved to our school around the same time and we immediately became friends. Not only is she a great friend but she’s also an amazing Assistant Principal at our school! I feel incredibly lucky to have Alyssa and our other administrators who feel strongly about supporting the arts!

When I found out Alyssa & Matt were going to have a baby I was SO excited! Jett was a few months old and I couldn’t wait for the two of them to experience parenthood. Alyssa was due just a couple weeks after school started this year and every day I would walk in and check and see if she was still there. On August 15 while I was teaching third grade, our principal came on the announcements to share the news of baby Noah! It was so cool to see how excited the kids were when they announced the news!

I was so glad Alyssa & Matt asked me to do a “fresh 48” session. I had never done one but always wanted to try! But I have to admit… my favorite part wasn’t taking the photos, but it was watching Matt. I think a lot of the time the focus is on the mom and baby (with good reason!) but watching Matt with Noah was so touching – I’ll admit it made me a bit emotional! Especially while I was editing!

Congratulations Alyssa & Matt on the birth of baby Noah! We are all so excited about our newest little Pinnacle Peak Eagle!



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