May 31, 2019

Desert Engagement Photos | Amanda & Austin

Being a wedding and engagement photographer, I have seen and heard a lot of proposal stories… but this is hands down one of the BEST! Austin reached out to Chris at Constructed Adventures who created an amazing day! His sweet girl Amanda (and her friends) were sent on a giant scavenger hunt all over Scottsdale! Following the clues with her gal pals, she relaxed at the spa, had lunch, got hair, make up, and nails done all while following clues that finally led her to her parents at the Desert Botanical Garden! And we definitely got some GORGEOUS desert engagement photos!

Before Amanda arrived, I helped Austin and Chris scout out a great location that had gorgeous light and enough privacy for an intimate proposal!

So glad they trusted my input as it got dark FAST! As we got the news that Amanda had arrived I walked back to the location with Austin – who turns out to be just the coolest guy!

Side story: I’ve always been a big Nintendo fan and being an elementary teacher I have seen quite a few Nintendo Switch consoles floating around the school. Austin recently designed a pro controller mount for the Nintendo Switch making it easier to play on the go or with multiple players. I was SO impressed! And you can read more about it here: SwitchFix

We made the hike back to the perfect spot, took a few test shots. Austin and I chatted about how he and Amanda had met and all of their adventures together. (At this point the suspense was killing me!) Just as the sun started to set, the most gorgeous girl walked down the path to the love of her life! It was the sweetest proposal and I was literally teary eyed watching their story unfold!

And of course she said YES!!

I watched as they embraced her parents and celebrated with all of her friends who were waiting around the corner! Amanda and Austin are just awesome people and one of those couples that are just the perfect fit for each other! Only spending a small amount of time with them I could just tell they are totally two people I would just love to be friends with!

I’m so glad I got to be a part of this special proposal! Thank you Austin & Chris for trusting me to capture this moment and Amanda and her family and friends for making it so memorable! I hope you enjoy your desert engagement photos and I wish you both the best!!!


That RING!!

Chris from Constructed Adventures helping set the scene!

She said YES!!!

Amanda’s parents walked her to the path that led to Austin and watched from this bench behind the scenes! It was so sweet and I love how Austin included them!!

This father/daughter moment was SO SWEET!

My favorite photo from the shoot!

Their friends were SO excited for them! It was a celebration from here on out!

Amanda calling her brother to tell him the news!

A quick picture with Chris! The man behind the entire day of adventures!

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