March 19, 2021

Ohio Wedding Photographer | We’re Moving!

WE’RE MOVING!! Ok now it seems a little real since I’ve said it out loud! But holy moly! The past week has been absolutely crazy! Things are moving SO fast and we will be moving back to Toledo, Ohio in a few weeks! AND I’ll officially be able to say I’m an “Ohio Wedding Photographer!”

So everyone wants to know the big question… WHY?

Because I’m pretty sure I said we were staying put in Arizona! But life threw us a curve ball – just as we thought we had the rest of our lives planned out! We have family back in Toledo who needs us, and to be honest, we need them! We have more than one family member with health issues, situations have changed, and raising two little kids with no family nearby is HARD!

So the short answer is: to be closer to family!

We have LOVED living in Arizona! And even more so in Cave Creek! The desert has grown on me and I will surely miss it. Especially riding Trudy into town for lunch! The sunsets here are some of the most colorful and vibrant I’ve ever seen and the people and friendships I’ve made here will definitely last a lifetime. I’ll already be back several times this year for weddings and visits, but I’m definitely excited for lush grass, trees, flowers, and NO CACTUS! I have been poked one too many times!

Ohio Wedding Photographer - Cactus at sunrise
See those two cacti? We call them the “Kodak Cactus” because you can ride the horses right though them and pose for your picture. The trail is close to the barn and I’ve ridden Trudy through them too many times to count!
Ohio Wedding Photographer Jessie Cancio on her horse
This was our first trail ride in Arizona!

And for now – not necessarily forever – but for now, I think I’m going to hang up my teaching hat.

I have taught art at five different schools in two different states over the past 12 years. My decision is a little bit wanting to stay home with the kids, a little bit of burnout, and a little bit of me wanting to see where my creativity takes me. I have a lot of other big dreams I’d like to chase – and a big one is photography!

These sweet kiddos of mine are not going to stay little forever, and I don’t want to miss a single moment!

So what does this mean for photography?

Well I won’t have to worry about stepping on a rattlesnake or backing into a cactus when I’m taking pictures! Lol! AND I’m officially booking couples in the Ohio, Michigan, and Chicagoland area! Even though I’ll officially be an “Ohio Wedding Photographer” I’m always available for travel! ANDDD I’ll still be booking senior sessions at some of my favorite Ohio & Michigan locations!!

If you’re booking an Ohio wedding photographer for 2021… I MAY have a discount for you!

ALSO! Toledo mini sessions are coming soon! So for all of you that messaged, emailed, and DMed me about how you wish I’d do another mini session in Ohio, it’s coming!!

Want to find out more about booking a wedding and the special discount I have for 2021 couples? Fill out my contact form to get in touch!

AND here are a few more of my favorite Toledo sessions on the blog!

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